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Case Studies

Jamie is a 22 year old QH mare who has competed in the local barrel racing circuit practically for nearly two decades. Her owners know she is sore, she loves what she does and is the PERFECT 4-D-Trot barrel packer for children and novices at this point in her life.

Early summer of 2015, Jamie’s owners came to us for a second opinion, as they didn’t feel comfortable “buting” everyday with her history of ulcers.

old grey

“Her hocks are so fused down, the other injections didn’t help for more than a couple weeks…what can we do to keep her comfortable for one more season?  I just want her to pack my kid a couple rounds.”

X ray guided hock injectionsAfter reviewing her films and discussing options; it was elected to shockwave the upper and lower hock joints and use radiographic (x-ray) guided hock injections, as the traditional medial (inside) approach would, and has not, worked for her.


We brought her to our haul in, and offered both treatments in less than 20 minutes. Using instant digital radiology and a “reverse medial oblique” approach, Dr. Cooley was able to access the joint space from the front of the joint space and confirm our placement perfectly.  Jamie raced comfortably all season and needed only intermittent bute to keep her happy and safe!

If you own a horse who is no longer responding to treatments as well as before, we can help with advanced treatment options that you may not have even known existed!