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Dental Care


It is highly recommended that all horses have yearly oral exams to evaluate their dental state.
Because of the way horse’s eat, and the fact that their teeth continue to grow throughout their life, the teeth develop sharp points and irregularities that can cause cheek ulcers, weight loss, colic, head shyness or a reluctance to give to the bit.
Our exams include a full oral exam with light sedation, a speculum and mirror.  We utilize both hand and power floats, depending on your horse’s needs.
_Dental Float TemplateWe also keep electronic record keeping of your horse’s teeth that stays on file (and can be printed out for you) for a superior continuum of care from year to year.
Older horses especially need routine dental care, as tooth fractures are common and painful occurrence!
Evaluation is easy to see if your horse requires dental maintenance; please feel free to give us a call!