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Horse Show Coverage

Our goal at Elite Equine is to serve you at home and away from home as well.

We offer both on call  and  show ground services.

We have been involved in the local show circuit for many years, and will continue to do so.  Rest assured, when away from home you can find the same level of veterinary care you are accustomed to, with someone who knows you and your horse!

Events Covered 2012:

(Please note, this may be an incomplete list)

May 5th-6th
Horse Shows by the Lake,
Syracuse NY

May 10th-13th
Junior Amateur Horse Show,
Syracuse NY

June 10th
Morrisville College
Chiropractic Demo,
Morrisville, NY

June 15th-17th
Syracuse Open Show,
Syracuse NY

June 19th-24th
Saratoga Classic Horse Show (A Rated),
Saratoga, NY

June 30th-July 1st
Horse Shows by the Lake,
Syracuse, NY

August 7th-10th
Coliseum Classic,
Syracuse, NY

August 18th-19th
Horse Shows by the Lake,
Syracuse, NY

October 19th-21st
Stepping Stone Horse Show,
Syracuse, NY