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Elite Equine Veterinary

About Us:
Elite Equine Veterinary is a modern mobile practice dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive medical and surgical care to horses throughout Upstate and Central New York.

Dr. John Cooley established Elite Equine Veterinary to fill the need of an advanced, equine only veterinary practice in Upstate and Central New York.  Dr. Cooley is one of the only veterinarians in New York State to be internationally certified by the IVCA for animal chiropractic.   At Elite Equine Veterinary, we strive to provide superior veterinary care to our patients, while providing flexible, personalized service to our clients.

We are pleased to offer:

Progressive Equine Ambulatory Care and Preventive Medicine
-Vaccinations and Deworming Programs
-Pre-purchase Exams
-Preventive Dental Care
-Coggins (both “E-Coggins” and traditional)
-Interstate and International Travel Certifications

Advanced Lameness Diagnostics and Treatment
-Lameness Exams
-Nerve and Joint blocks
-Spinal Pain Treatment

Internal medicine
-Bacterial and Viral Infections
-Intestinal Disease
-Respiratory Disorders
-Skin and Allergies

Non invasive, proven healing results

Elective and Emergency Surgeries
-Laceration and Wound Repair

Reproductive Services and Planning
-Breeding Soundness Exams
-Reproductive Planning
-Fresh Cooled and Frozen Semen Insemination
-Periparturent Mare and Foal Care

Digital Radiography
-Prepurchase Exams
-Advanced Lameness Imaging
-Wound Evaluations
-Tooth Fractures
-Sinus Infections

-Sinus/Gutteral Pouches

Digital ultrasound
-Lameness Evaluations
-Reproductive Services
-Colic and Abdominal Diagnostics
-Respiratory Diagnostics

Equine Holistic Studies
-Chiropractic Adjustments
-Allergy Treatments
-Non Invasive Therapeutic Massage

Horse Show Event Coverage
-Personalized On Site Care
-Routine and Emergency Care
-Pre-Show Chiropractic and Massage Services

We are scheduling routine appointments from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, and from 9am-1pm on Saturdays during the spring and summer months. We are available for you 24-hours a day, seven days a week to handle emergency cases.  Please give us a call to see how we can serve you!